Great Progress, Greater Need

In the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in SMA research milestones. We are closer to an approved treatment than we ever have been. But with this great progress comes even greater needs.

111% of $750,000.00 Goal

$836,799.94 Raised

Progress: 112%
Progress: 112%
Raised: $ 836799     Goal: $ 750000

Your support will help meet the needs of the SMA community.

Please join us and make a donation today. Your year-end gift will support research and family support for SMA.

Great progress, greater demand.

We see more families coming to our Annual SMA Conference, requesting our care packages or info packets, or needing our equipment pool. We need to increase our funding for patient care and family support, to serve a growing community with new and more complex concerns.

Great progress, greater opportunity.

As research progresses, we are focusing on ensuring we have treatments for all types, all ages, and all stages of SMA. We need to increase our funding for basic and translational research to build upon the current drugs in development, and ensure we have effective treatments for all in our community.

Great progress, greater urgency.

With the immense promise of new treatments comes a new challenge: navigating the clinical trial and regulatory issues for a new drug approval. We need to increase our funding for clinical trial and regulatory initiatives, to act with urgency in gaining an approved treatment for SMA.

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