Walk-n-Roll with Cure SMA in 2020!

It is that time of year again…time to walk and roll with Cure SMA. In 2020, we will host nearly 50 Cure SMA Walk-n-Rolls in partnership with our committed volunteers across the country, raising more than $1.7 million! These walk events are family-friendly and bring together walkers, rollers, volunteers, and local/national partners to raise money to fund breakthroughs in research and care for patients affected by SMA. During a Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll, families and friends can participate in a walk of 1 to 3.1 miles, as well as other fun activities.

Why Join a Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll?

Help Fund Breakthroughs: By joining a Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll, you’re raising money to help support research breakthroughs that continue to give hope to thousands of people affected by SMA.

Change Lives: Cure SMA supports nearly 4,000 affected individuals and families each year through programs like the Annual SMA Conference, Teen & Adult Support Packages, Newly Diagnosed Care Packages, equipment  pool, and Care Series Booklets.

Be Part of Our Community: There are Cure SMA Walk-n-Rolls in more than 30 states across the country, bringing together over 10,000 participants. Whether you have a direct connection to SMA or not, everyone is invited to join us in making a difference!

Interested in starting an event in your area? Email [email protected] to get started.

Find a Walk-n-Roll Near You

Join us at a 2020 Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll near you! Start by registering or creating a team. Then, invite your friends and family to join the team to raise funds or donate. Finally, join us on event today to celebrate our success! Check out the latest list of Cure SMA Walk-n-Rolls below.

2/29/20 – St. Augustine Walk-n-Roll (FL)

3/7/20 – Miami Walk-n-Roll (FL)

4/4/20 – Dallas Walk-n-Roll (TX)

4/18/20 – Fayetteville 5k/Walk-n-Roll (TX)

4/25/20 – Houston Walk-n-Roll (TX)

4/26/20 – Wilmington Walk-n-Roll (NC)

4/26/20 – Chesapeake Walk-n-Roll (MD)

5/2/20 – Oklahoma Walk-n-Roll (OK)

5/3/20 – Los Angeles Walk-n-Roll (CA)

5/8/20 – Walk-n-Roll in Honor of Graham (IN)

5/9/20 – Louisville Walk-n-Roll (KY)

5/9/20 – West Virginia Walk-n-Roll (WV)

5/9/20 – Vermont Walk-n-Roll (VT)

5/9/20 – Cincinnati Walk-n-Roll (OH)

5/9/20 – New England Walk-n-Roll (MA)

5/16/20 – Arkansas Walk-n-Roll (AR)

5/16/20 – North Jersey Walk-n-Roll (NJ)

5/16/20 – Western Suburbs Illinois Walk-n-Roll (IL)

5/16/20 – Cleveland Walk-n-Roll (OH)

5/17/20 – St. Louis Walk-n-Roll (MO)

5/30/20 – Michigan Walk-n-Roll (MI)

5/31/20 – Connecticut Walk-n-Roll (CT)

5/31/20 – Pennsylvania Chapter Walk-n-Roll (PA)

6/21/20 – Sioux Falls Walk-n-Roll (SD)

8/15/20 – Omaha Walk-n-Roll (NE)

8/22/20 – Northern California Chapter Walk-n-Roll (CA)

8/22/20 – Colorado Walk-n-Roll (CO)

8/29/20 – Wakefield 5k/Walk-n-Roll (MA)

8/29/20 – Kansas City Walk-n-Roll (KS)

9/12/20 – Atlanta Walk-n-Roll (GA)

9/12/20 – Capitol Region 5k/Walk-n-Roll in Memory of Trooper Cunniff (NY)

9/12/20 – Greater New York Walk-n-Roll (NY)

9/12/20 – Minnesota Walk-n-Roll (MN) 

9/19/20 – Seattle Walk-n-Roll (WA)

9/20/20 – Madison Walk-n-Roll (WI)

9/27/20 – Kennady’s Dream Walk-n-Roll (WI)

10/3/20 – Greater Florida Walk-n-Roll (FL)

10/10/20 – Charlotte Walk-n-Roll (NC)

10/25/20 – Nashville Walk-n-Roll (TN)

11/15/20 – San Diego Walk-n-Roll (CA)


Details Coming Soon!

Check back for more details on the below Cure SMA Walk-n-Roll events taking place in Fall 2020.

Arizona Walk-n-Roll (AZ)

Hike for a Cure (NH)

Jogging for Joshua (VA)

New Mexico Walk-n-Roll (NM)

Raleigh Walk-n-Roll (NC)

Virginia Chapter Walk-n-Roll (VA)

Zane’s Run (PA)

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