Funding Opportunities

Cure SMA is committed to investing in the most promising spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) research, with more than $82 million in funding to date in support of basic research grants and drug discovery programs.


Cure SMA issues requests for proposals (RFPs) in two major research areas:

  • Basic Research: Investigates the causes and biology of SMA, revealing new, more effective ways of treating the disease
  • Drug Discovery: Converts basic research ideas into new drug candidates

Our basic research program is directed by our Scientific Advisory Board, and our drug discovery program is directed by our Translational Advisory Council­. Both are groups of independent experts who carefully evaluate each proposal for scientific excellence and relevance to the Cure SMA mission.

Cure SMA's research model is designed to attract industry and government funding for clinical trials. Thus, we do not typically issue RFPs in this area. Instead, we focus on clinical trial readiness, infrastructure, and connecting researchers with potential study participants.

We fund clinical care research through our Cure SMA Care Center Network, thus we do not typically issue separate RFPs in this area.

For general questions about our research funding model and RFP process for basic research and drug discovery, please email [email protected]. For questions about the Cure SMA Care Center Network, please contact [email protected].

Basic Research Funding Opportunities

In the past two decades, Cure SMA has invested $15 million in funding for 128 basic research grants that have furthered our understanding of SMA. Our Scientific Advisory Board identifies priorities for funding, which are released in RFPs. Once submitted, all proposals are evaluated using a scoring system based on both scientific quality and relevance to the Cure SMA research mission.

Current RFP

Cure SMA’s basic research RFP is now open. Please see the full RFP here.

To Apply:

Cure SMA is now utilizing Proposal Central for all applications. Please click here to be directed to this funding opportunity.

For questions pertaining to grants, please contact [email protected].

Current and Recent Funding

Drug Discovery Funding Opportunities

In the past two decades, Cure SMA has invested $20 million in funding for 12 drug development projects that have led to effective treatments for SMA. Our continued preclinical drug discovery program funds innovative and promising projects that will lead directly to creating new viable drugs for treating SMA. We invest in both combination and new muscle-targeting therapies.

Current RFP

We do not currently have an RFP open for drug discovery. Please check back often for an announcement about the expected timing of our next drug discovery RFP. Email Cure SMA's research team at [email protected].

How Your Gift Benefits SMA Research

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