Why Give?

Our spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community has made great progress, but our work is not over! Through your generous donations, we can and will find a cure for SMA. Your philanthropy powers our mission.

Help Cure SMA Continue Our Considerable Progress

Through the work of Cure SMA and our SMA community, the SMA landscape has changed dramatically. We now have three powerful SMA treatments, with three quarters of all affected individuals in the U.S. on at least one of those treatments. We have newborn screening across 100% of the country. There are more clinical trials happening than ever before!

However, our work is not over. We need your help to fund more basic research to develop new treatments that will work in different ways and in combination with current therapies to bring back strength and restore function. We need to double our number of Care Centers to provide more access to high quality care. We need to remove barriers to living independent, successful, fulfilling lives.

Your Dollars at Work

Your donations are felt at every level of our organization and have a real-world impact on our SMA community. 80% of every dollar spent funds research, patient services, community support, and awareness.

Your Gift Makes a Direct Impact on Our SMA Community

“I live independently with two great roommates and my loving fiancé. I work, socialize, and contribute to my community. I lead a rich, full life. It is by no means easy, but I am proud of what I, with the support of Cure SMA and my family, have accomplished. Donations made to Cure SMA fund the research, education, and resources that help me and others like me achieve our dreams."

Spencer Cook

"Donations to Cure SMA fund information packets, newly diagnosed care packages, and equipment available to be loaned out through Cure SMA’s equipment pool. Without funding, my family would not have had the support or access to adaptive equipment that has been so crucial to helping us navigate life with a child who has SMA."

Amanda Devay

“Donating to Cure SMA will help my daughter, Maya, have a significantly improved quality of life. As Maya transitions to adulthood over the next few years, Cure SMA will be at the forefront of helping her succeed. Your donations help fund research to start more clinical trials and get more drugs to market, allowing individuals like Maya to build strength and live full, independent lives.

Sapna Pringle

Please Consider Making a Meaningful Gift to Cure SMA

Your donation will fund breakthroughs in research and treatments for tomorrow and meaningful support programs for today. With your generous donation, together we will create a better future for everyone living with SMA!

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