Cure SMA is a network of individuals of all ages with SMA and their families, each who are determined to build community and create a strong future for people with SMA.

Living with SMA

A spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) diagnosis can bring a lot of uncertainty. Many factors can impact what having SMA will mean for you or your family. These factors include what type of SMA you or your child have, and what type of treatment and care you choose to pursue.

Every family has the right to receive support. They have the right to ask questions. They have the right to refuse or request certain treatment and care*, or to change their mind. They have the right to make decisions in accordance with their own values and priorities.

For more information on an SMA diagnosis and what sort of support is available from Cure SMA, please contact [email protected], or call (800) 886-1762 and ask to speak with a member of our Community Support staff.

Newly Diagnosed
Infants and Children
Kayley Shade
Teen and Adults
Carriers of SMA

*Cure SMA does not advocate any specific choices or decisions when it comes to treatment or care; we are here for anyone who wishes to talk through their options. All decisions related to SMA are highly personal, and every family needs to do what’s best for them.