Cure SMA’s news section is the best place to find the most recent updates on SMA research. This is where we share the various types of announcements about the latest advances in research.

While not exhaustive, this list includes many of the most common announcements we share in our newsfeed, and helps you understand what an announcement might mean to the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community.

  • Basic research grants. Every spring, we announce recipients of our basic research grants. These are researchers pursuing the most promising ideas that could lead to new SMA treatments.

  • Drug discovery grants. Periodically, we announce new drug discovery funding. These grants help turn basic research ideas into specific drug candidates that can be tested in clinical trials.

  • Clinical trial recruitment. We regularly post information about clinical trials that are currently recruiting participants. Depending on several factors, you may choose to enroll yourself or your child in a clinical trial.

  • Data. While clinical trials are ongoing, developers will periodically release data from those trials. As developers make these announcements, we share them with our community through our news section.

  • Regulatory updates. Once clinical trials are completed, the developer will evaluate the data. If the data shows the drug is safe and effective, they will file for approval with government regulators.

  • Approval. After the FDA and international regulators review the drug for safety and effectiveness, they will issue a ruling. If the drug is approved, doctors can then begin to prescribe it to eligible patients.

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