Cure SMA Welcomes New Medical Advisory Council Committee Members

We are excited to welcome our new members to our Medical Advisory Council. Welcome to:

  • Julie Parsons, MD
  • Nancy Kuntz, MD
  • Perry Shieh, MD, PhD
  • Randal Richardson, MD, MMS
  • Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD
  • Anne Stratton, MD
  • Oren Kupfer, MD
  • Samuel Rosenfeld, MD
  • Diane Murrell, LCSW
  • Stacey Tarrant, BS, RD, LDN
  • Terri Carry, MS, PT

Our MAC is chaired by Mary Schroth, MD, a leading pulmonologist, and professor of pediatrics, and includes many clinical experts in specialties such as pulmonology, neurology, physical therapy, sociology, physical medical and rehabilitation, orthopedics, cardiology, palliative care, pediatric critical care, and nutrition.

The MAC is one of the most highly respected bodies of SMA medical and clinical experts in the US, setting the agenda for proactive, creative, and collaborative leadership on issues that improve the quality of medical care for those affected by SMA. The MAC focuses on educating families, healthcare providers, and the public about SMA; expanding SMA standards of care; and translating positive research results into clinical practice.

Cure SMA would like to thank our outgoing MAC members—Drs. John Grayhack, John Kissel, Richard Finkel, and Kenneth Silver—for their expertise and years of service on the MAC.

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