We are incredibly grateful to have received a large shipment of Kinetic Sand Activity Kits to be included in the Newly Diagnosed Type II Care Packages in honor of Jayce’s second birthday!

Jayce’s parents, Jenna Gomez and Corey Clark, received a care package when they contacted Cure SMA after Jayce’s diagnosis. Since receiving the care package, Jayce discovered kinetic sand and absolutely loves it! “It is so easy for him to grab, and he loves how it falls through his fingers when he squeezes. It’s one of the few things that really get his hands moving,” said Jenna.

Wanting to give back to the care package program, Jenna and Corey sent out invitations to all their family and friends to attend Jayce’s second birthday party and asked every guest to bring a box of kinetic sand so they could donate them to Cure SMA. Thanks to all their generous guests, they ended up collecting almost 50 boxes of kinetic sand.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Jenna Gomez and Corey Clark, as well as all of their generous guests who have made such a wonderful donation. Happy birthday, Jayce!