2015 Family Friendly Poster Session Presenters Announced

The Family Friendly Research Poster Session is one of the most anticipated events of our Annual SMA Conference. Each year, Cure SMA invites researchers from the SMA Researcher Meeting, which is held in parallel with the family conference, to present their findings to families in way that is accessible to them.

During the event, families are encouraged to rotate around to the different posters to ask questions and learn from the researchers about the specific projects being presented. Many of the presenters are Cure SMA grantees, meaning that families can interact directly with the researchers who are receiving the funds they have raised or donated.

This year’s event will be held Friday, June 19, at 6:00 pm in the Century Ball Room. It will feature 30 presenters representing over 30 different institutions in five different countries. Nearly two-thirds of the programs in the SMA drug pipeline will be included among the presenters, plus a variety of basic research projects and clinical care research projects.

Presenters and Posters

  • Wei-Shi Yeh, PhD, of Biogen presenting on The Experiences of Individuals and Families Affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Their Views on Living with SMA
  • Allan Kaspar, PhD, of AveXis presenting on Treating Type I SMA with Gene Therapy: chariSMA
  • Irene Gerlach, PhD, from F. Hoffman La Roche presenting on An Oral Small Molecule Splicing Modifier For SMA in Clinical Development
  • Emilie Voltz, PhD, from Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research presenting on LMI070 for Treatment of Type I SMA
  • Shoutian Zhou, PhD, from California Institute of Biomedical Research presenting on Finding Drugs that Keep Motor Neurons Alive
  • Caroline Woo, PhD, from RaNA Therapeutics presenting on A Novel Epigenetic Approach to Treating SMA
  • Jinsy Andrew, MD, from Cytokinetics presenting on Fast Skeletal Troponin Activators Applied to SMA
  • Christian Lorson, PhD, from the University of Missouri presenting on Anti-sense Oligonucleotides in SMA: Design and Function
  • Arthur Burghes, PhD, from The Ohio State University presenting on Biomarkers that Predict Successful Therapy in SMA
  • Natalia Rodriguez Mueala, PhD, from Rubin Laboratory at Harvard University presenting on Studies on SMA Patient Motor Neurons Produced from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
  • Kristina Bowyer from Isis Pharmaceuticals presenting on Developing an Antisense Drug for the Potential Treatment of SMA
  • Katherine Klinger, PhD, Alison McVie-Wylie PhD from Genzyme Corporation from Progress Towards AAV-SMN Gene Therapy For Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Yimin Hua, PhD, from the Krainer Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory presenting on Mechanism of Action of ISIS-SMNRx
  • Chien-Ping Ko, PhD, and Chiara Mazzasette PhD from University of Southern California presenting on Motor Circuit Defects and Repair in SMA Model Mice
  • Sara Custer, PhD, and Anne Reitz, PhD, from the Androphy Laboratory at Indiana University presenting on SMA Therapeutics and Biological Insights into Motor Neuron Biology
  • Chad Heatwole, MD, from the University of Rochester presenting on Most Important Symptoms in Adult SMA: A View From the Patient’s Perspective
  • Francesco Lotti, PhD, from Columbia University presenting on Modifications of the SMN Complex: Do They Have a Role in SMA Pathogenesis?
  • Min Jeong Kye, PhD, from the University of Cologne presenting on mTOR and Protein Synthesis in SMA
  • Linda Lowes, PhD, from Nationwide Children’s Hospital presenting on Measuring Motor Ability in Children Can be All Fun and Games
  • Monique Émond, PhD, from the Université du Québec à Montréal presenting on Breath Stacking and Postural Therapy: An Optimal Combination to Improve Respiratory Function in Children with SMA Type II and III?
  • Walter Troung, MD, from Gillett Children’s Hospital presenting on The Effects of Assisted Standing on Bone in Children with SMA
  • Diane V. Murrell, LCSW, from Texas Children’s Hospital presenting on The Role of Clinical Social Work in Support of Families with Children with SMA Type 1
  • Deborah S. Boroughs, RN, MSN, from BAYADA Pediatrics presenting on Bridging a Care Delivery Gap for Family Caregivers of Children with SMA Type I and Type II
  • Rebecca Hurst Davis MS, RD, CSP, CD, from the University of Utah presenting on Glucose Tolerance and Fasting in SMA Type II Pilot Study Results and Next Steps
  • Lindsay Murray, PhD, from the University of Edinburgh presenting on What’s Makes Motor Neurons Vulnerable in SMA
  • Hong Liu, PhD, from the Kothary Laboratory at the University of Ottawa presenting on The Contribution of Multiple Cell Types to SMA
  • Barrington Burnett, PhD, from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences presenting on Muscle Contribution to SMA
  • Ke-Jun Han, PhD, and Chang-Wei Liu, PhD, from the University of Colorado presenting on SMN Ubiquitination Regulates its Localization
  • Christine DiDonato from Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago presenting on Pre-clinical Studies in Mild SMA Mouse Models
  • Sumner Laboratory from Johns Hopkins University presenting on Understanding the Pathology of Human SMA

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