Cure SMA Announces Funding for Care Centers Across the US

Cure SMA is pleased to announce the first grants from $450,000 in funding to help increase capacity at SMA treatment sites across the US.

In order to increase the number of affected individuals that sites can follow, treat and evaluate, Cure SMA will award $50,000 grants to nine sites, for a total of $450,000 in funding. These grants will help sites reduce some of the practical barriers that create delays for our community in accessing treatments and care. These barriers include pre-authorization and insurance approvals, scheduling, and clinic support.

The grants were awarded to sites through a competitive RFP process. Sites were assessed based on number of patients currently seen and treated, an evaluation of the current bottlenecks and barriers to access, and the number of additional patients that could be seen and treated if these barriers were eliminated.

The following 5 sites have received a grant, for a total of $250,000 The remaining 4 grants, a total of $200,000, will be announced later this month.

2017-18 Treatment Access Grants

  • Boston Children’s Hospital 
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 
  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 
  • The Ohio State University 
  • Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

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