Cure SMA Announces New Subcommittee on Adults with SMA

Cure SMA recently announced the formation of the Subcommittee on Adult Outreach. This group will work to actively engage the adult SMA community in order to effectively support them.

The population of adults with SMA is increasing, so this new subcommittee will play a vital role in shaping our programs in 2015 and beyond.

Initially, the subcommittee will begin work on a few key issues, such as:

  • Helping young adults with SMA—and their parents—in the transition to adulthood.
  • Developing programs geared towards adults living with SMA
  • Researching the possibility of additional adult workshops at the Annual SMA Conference, and
  • Educating medical professionals on care for adults with SMA.

Additional items may be added as the subcommittee continues to take shape.

We’re very pleased to welcome Annie Kennedy, Carolyn Barrett, and Jaclyn Greenwood as members of this committee.

Other members include Melissa Millinovich and Rocco Arizzi, both Cure SMA board members, and Shannon O’Brien, who is part of Cure SMA’s national staff.

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