Cure SMA Annual Campaign Sets $1 Million Goal

When our year-end campaign began in mid-November, we set an initial goal of raising $540,000. Our community quickly met that challenge, so we increased our goal to $750,000—the most ever raised as part of our annual campaign. We surpassed that goal with over $770,000 by the end of December. So now we’re setting our sights on $1 million by June 30, 2015. With a current total of over $880,000, we’re well on our way to hitting that third and most ambitious goal.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen history-making advances in SMA research, many of which were funded by your donations. Your generosity has set new benchmarks. And with 17 drug programs in the pipeline, 7 in clinical trials, and 12 companies investing in SMA drug development, we’re poised to continue making history.

Because of these donations to our annual campaign—along with the incredible support we receive from our families, event organizers and attendees, chapter leaders, and other supporters—we’ve recently announced a number of new research grants. If you’ve missed any of those announcements, catch up on them here:

In the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing funding for an additional $360,000 in basic research grants, up to $45,000 additional in clinical care funding, and $775,000 in drug discovery funding.

Make a donation today to our annual campaign. Your support is what allows us to continue funding the best in SMA research.

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