Cure SMA Discusses FDA-Approved SMA Treatments & Dissects Combination Therapy

Cure SMA’s Jacqueline Glascock, Director of Research Programs, recently talked with Managed Healthcare Executive about information on the three FDA-approved SMA treatments and the need for combination therapy. Check out the interview here!

Importance of Combination Therapy

New developments in treatments for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) over the last few years have changed what is possible for people with SMA, allowing them to achieve new developmental milestones. However, these treatment advances have also raised new questions for the community, including whether combining treatments is safe and offers additional efficacy.

To better understand the complex topic of combining therapies, Cure SMA developed a resource booklet for individuals with SMA, their families, and healthcare providers, titled “Scientific Considerations for Drug Combinations.” In this, we define the term “combination therapy” in the context of SMA, discuss SMN-independent and SMN-dependent therapeutic options, and outline potential risks and benefits to consider when thinking about combining treatments for SMA.

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