Cure SMA Launches Advocacy Action Network

Working together, we’ve achieved tremendous success in advocating for ourselves, our families, and our whole community, particularly in the past few years.

Today, we’re building on this momentum with the launch of our Advocacy Action Network. The Advocacy Action Network will allow our advocates to share their voices on issues that impact our community, including research funding at the National Institutes of Health, newborn screening for SMA and drug approvals by the FDA and other regulators.

When you join our Advocacy Action Network and become a Cure SMA Advocate and we will:

  • Contact you to take action on state and federal issues
  • Share regular updates on state and federal policy issues that impact the Cure SMA community
  • Engage you in federal and state advocacy activities to help raise awareness about our policy issues

As Congress and state legislatures resume their efforts in this year, visit our advocacy webpage and the action center for the latest news and updates.

Together, we can work to improve the laws, policies and systems that affect the SMA community.

Become a Cure SMA Advocate

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