The Fall 2014 issue of Directions is now available. Directions, our biannual family support newsletter, builds our community by sharing stories and experiences. Families from all over the world connect with each other through Cure SMA to chat, organize, and share stories, photos, news, information, and—most importantly—hope.

This 120-page issue includes:

  • Information on the upcoming 2015 Annual SMA Conference in Kansas City, MO
  • Full recap of the 2014 Annual SMA Conference in Washington, DC
  • Research updates
  • Family letters and sharing photos
  • Family support articles
  • Legislative news
  • SMA Awareness Month photos and stories
  • 33 Pages of fundraising and chapter updates

To submit pictures, articles, or suggestions for the next issue of Directions, please email [email protected].

Visit our support & care publications page to download this issue or past issues of Directions.