Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation Gives Generous Gift to Cure SMA

The Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation has awarded an amazing $87,000 to Cure SMA, to help fund research that will lead to a treatment and cure for SMA and to give support to local families.

This generous gift will not only help increase our research momentum, but also honors the precious life of Miller McNeil Woodruff, who lived for 87 days before passing away from SMA type I.

Since the passing of their son, Patrick and Meredith Woodruff have worked tirelessly to spread awareness, support SMA families, and fund critical research needed to find a treatment and cure for SMA. We at Cure SMA are incredibly proud and honored to have once again been chosen as beneficiaries of a gift from this amazing foundation and family.

On behalf of the entire SMA community, thank you to the Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation. Your trust and support will benefit so many families.

Together, with partners like the Woodruffs, we can cure SMA!

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