Roche Buys Trophos to Continue Work on SMA Drug

Swiss drugmaker Roche has agreed to buy privately-held Trophos. Roche, the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world, will now bring its resources to help move olesoxime forward. Olesoxime is a neuroprotectant being developed to treat spinal muscular atrophy.

At the 2014 Annual SMA Conference, Dr. Eric Dessaud of Trophos presented results of a Phase 2 study of olesoxime. These results found the drug showed a beneficial effect on the maintenance of neuromuscular function and also helped reduce medical complications associated with the disease.

Trophos has just completed a pivotal clinical trial and is preparing to file an New Drug Application (NDA) with the FDA. At Cure SMA, we continue to leverage partnerships with government and regulatory sectors, in the hopes of moving drugs like Trophos toward FDA approval in the most efficient way possible. This includes our Hope on the Hill event, hosting FDA and other government speakers at our Annual SMA Conference, coordinating joint meetings like NINDS SO-SMART, and participating in formal FDA meetings.

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