Cure SMA Launches “Spotlight on SMA” Partnership with Neurology Reviews

Cure SMA is pleased to announce the release of “Spotlight on SMA: The Urgent Need for Early Diagnosis in Spinal Muscular Atrophy,” a supplement developed in collaboration with Neurology Reviews.

The goal of this partnership is to enhance current awareness and understanding of SMA diagnostic requirements, while emphasizing the importance of early treatment as it relates to improved health outcomes and quality of life. This supplement discusses:

  • The clinical implications of delayed diagnosis of SMA;
  • Diagnosis assessment tools;
  • SMA treatment methods; and
  • Resources available for physicians, patients, and caregivers to better manage SMA.

This supplement is Part 1 in a two-part series on SMA, distributed to all subscribers of Neurology Reviews, and available for free at It features materials created by Cure SMA for SMArt Moves, a disease awareness and education campaign to empower parents and healthcare professionals to recognize and diagnose the early signs of SMA. SMArt Moves was launched in December 2018 by Cure SMA and the SMA Industry Collaboration.

Part 2 of the series will be available in March 2020 as part of the publication’s “Rare Neurological Diseases Special Report.”

About the SMA Industry Collaboration (SMA-IC)

The SMA-IC is a multi-faceted partnership that brings together pharmaceutical companies, Cure SMA, and other nonprofit organizations, to share information, ideas, and data. The Collaboration works together to address scientific, clinical, and regulatory topics that are critical to advancing drug development in SMA and will benefit the broader SMA community partners. It is currently comprised of our partners at Astellas, AveXis, Biogen, Cytokinetics, Genentech/Roche, and Scholar Rock.



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