5th Annual Hope on the Hill Congressional Dinner Advances SMA Advocacy

This year’s 5th Annual “Hope on the Hill” Congressional Dinner will be held on Tuesday, December 1, bringing together families, government, and industry for an important evening of collaboration.

As more SMA drugs reach late stage clinical trials, we remain focused on educating, involving, and engaging all three groups in our community: the patient and family group, the government and regulatory group, and the biotech and pharmaceutical companies that are developing and testing SMA drugs. We recognize that we need the whole community working together in order to develop safe and effective treatments for SMA and get them approved as quickly as possible.

The Hope on the Hill event will also allow us to further our current advocacy work—including our FDA Engagement Initiative, the Voices of SMA, 21st Century Cures/Innovations, and more—as well as learn from successful advocacy efforts such as the passage of the Ensuring Access to Clinical Trials Act.

Already, this year’s event has raised $211,500—adding to the total of over $366,000 raised in the first four years of the event. Special thanks to Greg and Shannon Zerzan, who founded and host this event.

Our Partners

We’d like to extend special gratitude to the pharmaceutical and corporate partners who have helped make this event possible:

  • Biogen/Isis Pharmaceutical
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Genentech/Roche
  • National Association of Broadcasters
  • AveXis
  • PNC Financial

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