Cure SMA Announces Nearly $2 Million in New Planned Research Funding

Cure SMA has announced plans to fund $1.995 million in new research grants over the next several months.

This includes funding for all four areas of our research model—basic research, drug discovery, clinical trials, and clinical care research—plus funding for the 2016 SMA Researcher Meeting, held each year as part of the Annual SMA Conference.

We recently released an update to the SMA drug pipeline, showing that the pipeline has now grown to 18 programs, seven of which are in clinical trials. This progress is possible with all stages of our research model working together. Basic research investigates the cause and bioology of SMA, often revealing new and more effective ways of making drugs. Drug discovery then converts these basic research ideas into practical candidates that can be tested in clinical trials. Clinical care research addresses issues that affect quality of life for those affected by SMA. And our SMA Researcher Meeting brings together scientists from all four phases, accelerating the pace of research through sharing of new data and the building of collaborations.

Thank you to our community for making this new research funding possible with your generous support.

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