Dr. Mary Schroth Joins Cure SMA as Medical Professional Education Consultant

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Mary Schroth has joined us as our medical professional education consultant. She will be working with us a few days each month, depending on her clinic schedule, as Mary remains deeply committed to working with her patients. Mary will also continue to chair our Medical Advisory Council.

Mary will oversee our patient care area, which includes resources like our care series booklets. However, we expect that her expertise will be most beneficial as she helps us advise and educate other medical professionals on SMA. In fact, this will be her primary area of focus as she works with us.

Our research progress means that care is more important than ever. While we remain focused on ultimately developing a cure for SMA, it’s likely that the first step will be treatments that slow or even stop disease progression, thus extending lifespan for those with SMA.

As more and more individuals live longer and longer, we’ll need more and more doctors who understand the complexities of SMA and can provide proper care for our community. Mary’s experience and dedication will be key in helping us prepare for and meet this next challenge.

If you’re interested in connecting your healthcare provider with our educational opportunities, send us an email at [email protected].

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