A recording of last week’s webinar updating the community on Spinraza access and administration sites is now available online. A PDF of the webinar presentation is also available for download.

An update on the current status of dosing in states across the US included the following information:

  • As of September around 2,000 patients had been dosed, with around 250 and 200 in trials/EAP and support programs 
  • Ages ranged from a few weeks old to 50/60s 
  • 120 sites in 40 states have dosed at least one patient 
  • 230 sites submitted a start form

In addition, an update on Spinraza administration sites and access included:

  • 80 sites on list confirmed 
  • 177 sites being communicated with 
  • 29 states (including DC) with at least one site

View the webinar

Download the presentation

For more information about Spinraza, visit www.curesma.org/Spinraza.