SMA Researchers and Clinicians from Around the World Gather at the 28th Annual SMA Research & Clinical Care Meeting

During the first week of June, SMA researchers and clinicians from around the world met in Austin, Texas, for the 28th Annual SMA Research & Clinical Care Meeting. Their common goals were to accelerate the pace of research into SMA treatments and achieve excellence in SMA clinical care.

The annual meeting provides an opportunity for scientists, doctors, physical therapists, and other experts in SMA research and clinical care to share their most recent discoveries and learnings. It facilitates cross-disciplinary discussions and serves as an incubator for collaborations.

Below are summaries of the podium presentations given at this year’s Basic Research sessions. Some of the most impactful new advances in SMA Basic Research are featured!

Be sure to keep checking our Latest News posts for upcoming summaries of the 2024 Clinical Research Session, Clinical Drug Development Session, and Special Session.


What is the difference between basic research and clinical care research?


Basic research focuses on understanding the biology and causes of SMA to identify the most effective strategies for finding new SMA drugs.

Clinical care research focuses on determining the best ways to diagnose and treat people with SMA so that they can have the highest possible quality of life.

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