Thank You to Jessica Moyer and Family

A note from Rich Rubenstein, Kenneth Hobby, and the entire Cure SMA team:

Cure SMA has had the honor to have Jessica Moyer and her family as one of our volunteer chapter leaders for almost 14 years. Jessica has been critical to the success of our organization, thanks to her efforts locally and nationally. Cure SMA would not be where we are today without her support, guidance, dedication and compassion.

When her son, Steven, was diagnosed with SMA type I back in 2001, Jessica started the South Jersey/Delaware Chapter to provide support, awareness and resources to Cure SMA. Jessica has always gone above and beyond in her role as President of the chapter by visiting families when newly diagnosed or when admitted into the hospital, speaking with families for hours on the phone or speaking at the Annual SMA Conference on how to care for the caregiver. She’s also helped fund teddy bears for the Children’s Program at conference and continues to raise awareness in many ways throughout her community.

In addition to these amazing outpourings of support, Jessica, her family, and friends have worked tirelessly to help raise almost $2 million for SMA research and family support. They have hosted numerous events from their annual Swing for a Cure Golf Tournament to Zumbathons cocktail and dinner events to the Delaware Marathon. She and her family—Jason, Isobel, Blaise and Jake—have also personally supported every event throughout the chapter.

After this amazing tenure of service as the South Jersey/Delaware Chapter President, Jessica will be stepping down to focus on her family. Though Jessica will no longer be leading the chapter, she will continue her support by organizing annual fundraising and awareness events, as well as providing support to grieving families and serving as the type I contact for newly diagnosed families within the chapter. Thank you to Jessica, and to all of her family and friends for helping lead us closer to a treatment and cure for SMA!

Rich Rubenstein, Chair of the Board of Directors
Kenneth Hobby, President

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