The State of SMA – Toward Improved Therapeutics and Care

Each year, Cure SMA collaborates with our Scientific Advisory Board to plan a Special Session that will be held during the Annual Research & Clinical Care Meeting. This Special Session is designed to focus on a topic that is currently of great interest to both researchers and clinicians. This year’s Special Session, “The State of SMA – Towards Improved Therapeutics and Care,” was an opportunity to better understand the current population of individuals living with SMA and their unmet needs. A main goal of the session was to discuss how these unmet needs and remaining questions about clinical care should inform the next phases of basic research.

In this year’s two-part Special Session, speakers were invited to present an overview of the current state of research or care in their area of expertise. Each speaker focused on outstanding questions or issues in their field, with the goal of stimulating conversation among session attendees during the Panel Discussions at the end of each part of the session.

Below is a summary of each presentation in this year’s Special Session.

Click on the following links for summaries of the Basic Research Session and the Clinical Research and Clinical Drug Development Sessions.

Special Session 23 Conf Photo

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