Together, We Can Cure SMA

Cure SMA is our name, and it’s also our rallying cry. It’s why we keep funding research and family support. And we know it’s why our community gives so much to host events, raise awareness, lobby for policy changes, and support each other.

Together, we can cure SMA.

In that spirit, we’re asking everyone in our community to post a picture, showing our collective strength, united to cure SMA.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a picture of yourself, your family, or your friends. We encourage you to hold up our “We can cure SMA” sign, or make your own sign.
  2. Post it on Facebook, or post to Instagram and share to Facebook. Be sure to tag Cure SMA in the photo, or share it to our wall. We’ll collect all these photos for one amazing We Can Cure SMA album.
  3. If you aren’t on Facebook but want your photo added to our album, email it to [email protected] and put “We can cure SMA” in the subject line.
  4. Extra credit: use the hashtag #cureSMA and tag three other friends, challenging them to post their own photo.

Need inspiration? Check out some of the awesome photos that have already been posted!

Have You Seen Our New “We Can Cure SMA” T-shirts?

Just in time for the holidays, our online store is now open for business—including t-shirts, bracelets, and tote bags. More items will be added for our spring events season.

We’ll be holding a drawing for everyone who submits a photo for our album. On Monday, December 1, we’ll draw five names at random from everyone who’s participated. If we draw your name, we’ll send you a t-shirt plus a few other goodies.

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